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Y2 Electric Hydraulic Airless Putty Sprayer
product name: Electric putty painting machine of the household Y2
Power: 3KW(220V)
Max support nozzle: 0.043inch
Total weight: 80Kg
Y4 Hydraulic Airless Putty Sprayer
product name: Large putty airless putty sprayer
Power: 3KW(220V/380V)
Max support nozzle: 0.051in
Total weight: 70kg
Y5 Gasoline Hydraulic Airless Putty Sprayer
product name: Large putty spraying machine for Industrial decoration Y5
Power: 9HP(Honda motor)/5.5kw(380)
Max support nozzle: 0.065inch
Total weight: 98Kg
Y7 Large Hydraulic Airless Sprayer
product name: Large Hydraulic Airless Sprayer
Power: 9HP(Honda motor
Max support nozzle: 0.071in
Total weight: 140kg
Putty Grinder
product name: New putty Grinding machine with Perfect spraying appearance
Power: 3KW (380V)
Max support nozzle:
Total weight: 25kg
X2 Multifunction Small Plaster Mortar Spray Machine
product name: Multifunctional small plaster mortar spraying machine X2
Power: 4KW (380V)
Max support nozzle:
Total weight: 140KG
X3 380v Multifunction Spraying Machine
product name: 380v multi-function spray integrated machine  X3
Power: 4KW (380V)
Max support nozzle:
Total weight: 160kg
X4 Electric Fireproof Coating Spray Machine
product name: Electric thin fireproof coating spraying machine x4
Power: 2.2KW (380V)
Max support nozzle:
Total weight: 105kg
X5 Automatic Gypsum Spray Machine
product name: Hot-sale automatic plaster spraying machine X5
Power: 5.5KW (380V)
Max support nozzle: 6mm
Total weight: 220kg
X8 Electric Natural Stone Paint/ Texture Paint Spray Machine
product name: electric natural stone paint/ texture paint spraying machine X8
Power: 1.5KW (220V)
Max support nozzle: 4mm
Total weight: 58kg
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Jiangsu Rock ElephantPrecision Technology Co.,Ltd  is located in the bridgehead  of New Eurasian Land Bridge and the starting point of the belt and road- LianyungangChina it is a manufacturer and service provider of high-tech spraying equipment integrated with R & D, production and sales, the main products of thecompany are high pressure airless spraying equipment, screw pump spraying equipment and pneumatic spraying equipment, etc. The company is the main manufacturers of large spraying equipment in global.


Jiangsu Rock Elephant Precision Technology Co.,Ltd  Address:No. 5,Ningbo Road, Ganyu Economic                  Development Zone,Liangyungang, Jiangsu,China  Tel:   +86-518-86291189 Fax:     +86-518-86291189


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